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After 15 years at the coalface of tool making & general engineering, Rod Ball started Balls Grinding as tool & cutter grinding in 1983. Right up to the p[resent day we have continually developed our operations, invested in new machinery and expanded our services into a wider range of engineering services. We take on a wide range of precision machining work, in small or large batches, and in virtually any material, from High Speed Steel through to tungsten carbide, brass, aluminium and synthetics. Today, Ball’s Grinding Services has around 60 regular customers who between them represent a broad cross-section of industry – from petrochemicals to telecommunications, marine, automotive and food manufacture. But we believe that price is not the sole arbiter of customer loyalty: quality, delivery and commitment to customer satisfaction are at least as important, as is a determination and willingness to invest in the equipment necessary to provide a competitive edge.

From manual/CNC turret mills and lathes, Ball’s Grinding Services has progressed to purchasing many CNC 3 and 4 axis milling machine & turning centres. These additions have attracted additional high volume work from customers at a time when outsourcing abroad is being widely touted as the only viable option for UK manufacturers.

We know our business.
We know our limits.
We understand our culture.
We understand our People.
We know what is expected.

The Initiatives
The decision to relocate to a larger 10,000 sq. ft. factory in January 2003 provided an opportunity to plan the shopfloor layout in order to achieve the most efficient and productive use of the available floor space. This, combined with the subsequent installation of many more turning and milling machine centre’s to complement existing manual/CNC mills, has enabled us to compete with the machining costs of overseas competitors, including those in the Far East.

The Investment
Training operators in the techniques of CNC programming ensures that our machining centres are optimised for set-up.

Setting jigs have been designed for flexible and time-saving changeovers on manual/CNC mills.

Implementation of a Kanban system has reduced inventory held on individual customers’ behalf and ensures delivery dates are met.

Introduction of CAM has provided maximum flexibility within the workplace. In-house design and implementation of a Production Management Database has eliminated the requirement for additional management staff. This system allows data to be entered at a clerical level and generates machine times, due dates, material requirements and stock control – saving many hours per week of management time. It has the added benefit of allowing the existing management team to concentrate on the “REAL” production issues rather than paperwork. “In all my years in business my sole aim is for customer delight. It may be last thing on a Friday afternoon but if a customer needs a job doing, perhaps because one of his own machines has gone down, we will do it. I can ask any one of my employees to stay on and work through the night and they will…because they are loyal.”
Rod Ball, Managing Director, Ball’s Grinding Ltd

Please feel free to ask us - we are always on hand for technical information for your products

About us

Technology and Craftmanship
“When we first started machining I was occupying 1000 sq. ft. and buying manual machines. I had no plans at that time to move into CNC, as I knew nothing about the technology. But I was introduced to a particular range of computer-controlled machines and discovered that their conversational programming routines are very easy to understand. So I bought my first CNC machine, and then another, and to the present day we have 15 CNC machines housed in new 10 000 sq ft premises. Also we now have a water jet machine which considerably improves workflow and rethinks how parts are made and produced.”
Rod Ball, Managing Director, Ball’s Grinding Services

Why use a Engineering Contractor?
Business can be unpredictable, and contractors can be invaluable in eliminating the marginal elements of investment.

The interventions of a good planner can make the difference between getting a project off the ground or not, or uncovering the nugget of insight that will turn a good project into a great one.

It is important that engineers & planners stay ‘fresh’ – keeping up-to-date with technologies and experiencing a range of challenges. By spreading our services across a number of different businesses/industries, we see the developments & technologies of a wide range of industries.

Services, Machinery and Equipment

3 off CNC 3/4 Axis Doosan Milling Machining Centres
2 off CNC Lathe Machining Centres
2 CNC Lathes + CNC Bar Feed and driven tooling
Tool Design & Manufacture
Water jet machine. Max cut size 200mm thick, 3m x 1.5m
3D CMM Measuring System – offering an internal & independent measuring source for our customers
3D Design/Modeling & 2D drafting (Detail & Design work carried out as contractors)
Research & Development
General Toolmaking, Mould Tools, Press Tools
Design & Manufacture of Jigs & Fixtures for many applications
Specialists in Machining Castings and small batch work machined parts
JIG TIG & MIG Welding & General Fabrication. Also Aluminium welding available
Design & Manufacture of Mould/Press tools

Please feel free to ask us - we are always on hand for technical information for your products